Poor leadership quality is the bane of the socio-political woes that has continued to rear its Medusa of Gorgon’s hideous head, like a recurrent decimal in the governance of this beautiful land: Nigeria!

In judicial matters, we still boast of luminary justices, the likes of Teslim Elias, Chukwudifu Oputa etc abound among the extant judges. What, ergo, is the reason for the debauched state of our judicial arm of government? Dearth of good leadership.

Our legislative arm is fraught with insensitive comedians, as many Nigerians believe, unfortunately. A federal finance minister did accuse them of mopping up a whopping quarter of the nation’s annual budget! With our own hands we have, every electoral term, cast votes that has constantly ushered them into the legislative chambers. We can effectively alter this vicious anomaly simply by voting them out. Your vote and my vote will do it. Let us, ergo, do it!

The federal executive arm has, on many instances, been so ineffective in the execution of the desired good governance: the desideration of the teeming populace of Nigeria. We are evidently hungry and truly thirsty for good governance. Maybe the actors of present government are trying the best, but their present competence lacks what it takes to satiate our famished stance.

We cannot trust the present, unfeeling to our yearning, government. In the next electoral dispensation, a more credibility of governance will present itself, no doubt in my mind. Nigeria is too precious to be toyed with. Her strategic positioning politically, economically and otherwise, are too essential to be left with insensitivity. A sound cohesion among the execute principals, aides and the ministers is a must. This is a huge missing-link reason for the good leadership clamour. Nigerians, rise up to this clarion call!

I hear cynics howl, “It’s not a possibility in this present day Nigeria. They are not ready to comply.” I have always pointed at the historicity of not too long ago a Nigeria. Major General Tunde Idiagbon gave a “queue up” order in his Dodan Barracks abode and in every nook and cranny of the entire federation everyone obeyed! The unrepentant cynicism won’t see reasons with proven historical fact! What does it come up with? “But that was a military regime!” thinking that’s the final word, to end the discussion.

Back to history I went. “All that Governor Jakande had to do in his days was to ban the activities of road transport touts on radio and not even one of the notorious members ventured to appear on Lagos roads;” in case they needed more enlightenment, I’ve always added, “Jakande was a civilian governor!” All it takes, my fellow Nigerians, is a strong, determined, focused and Intelligent leader.

“It is easier to govern educated populace than uneducated ones.”

― Chief Obafemi Awolowo

Good educational system will enhance the desired good leadership, no doubt. Chief Awolowo said, “It is easier to govern educated populace than uneducated ones.” We must ensure the installation of leaders who will make education a top priority.

Let’s wake up from our unfortunate somnambulism. The bull must be held by its horns. In readiness should the next voting exercise to elect credible Nigerians meet us. Use your voting right wisely. It is well with our Nigeria!