The Land Of My Nativity

I was young but now I’m old and changing with me is the land upon which I still stand. My eyes have seen plenty and my mind has contemplated a lot. My ears have heard echoes and sounds my mouth cannot say and my hands have touched reality yet a mystery looms as to the land of my nativity.

Nigeria On The March Again

At this time as we move towards the 2019 general elections, at least twenty two presidential aspirants have indicated their interest in wrestling power from the incumbent president, Muhamadu Buhari.

Good Leadership

We cannot trust the present, unfeeling to our yearning, government. In the next electoral dispensation, a more credibility of governance will present itself, no doubt in my mind. Nigeria is too precious to be toyed with.

The Suffering Masses

Political polling generally follows the sophistication of electoral systems and communication infrastructure of a country. Nigeria as an independent country is only 58 years old and our democracy is even much younger having been truncated for the larger part of those years.

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