The baton is strong
Has strengths beyond her knowledge
But will it ever know
As it slips in wrong hands

The baton is a stranger
In its own land
It leaves its home
To seek for shelter

The baton is tired
His consciousness is lost
After wandering about
And being tossed around

The baton sleeps
In a dream he wishes to wake from
But his eyes are blurry
His vision is bleak

The baton is an eagle
With all her eggs
Trapped in a cage
She once built to live in

The baton has no wielder
But rather shields its holder
He pushes the vehicle
That was made to drive him

The baton needs a friend
Who will take him boldly
Across the track of life
Into the finish line

The baton needs a compatriot
Who will serve
And fight for her sake
Who will arise?

The baton is alive
And so is hope
The baton thrives
To stay alive

The baton is you
The baton is me
If we move forward together
The baton is free