Amidst the drum beats of tradition past and present and the variegated sounds from the creatures of the night sat a man with hair made bright by knowledge and wisdom acquired from distant past. He sat in productive silence as the moon’s light shone on his face. Around him were people with aboriginal rights to the land on which they sat. He had words to say and eloquence would exalt his speech. The night was cold and the howling wind became quiet as wisdom spoke to people yearning for understanding. It was far from tales by moon light; reality had a voice and it was about to be heard.

I was young but now I’m old and changing with me is the land upon which I still stand. My eyes have seen plenty and my mind has contemplated a lot. My ears have heard echoes and sounds my mouth cannot say and my hands have touched reality yet a mystery looms as to the land of my nativity.

A should be great nation yet the people still yearn for something much more than political rhetoric de-void of any iota of compassion. The people I once played and ran by the rivers with are still vying for office. After so long, what can they possibly bring to the table other than history and memories of once upon a time? My mind keeps wondering. I dare too say it’s a geriatric state of redundancy. They lack both the energy and genetic make up for a new era of leadership and governance. Perhaps it’s all to make up for lost times and re-write history but I beg to differ. History already holds in custody the accounts of deeds done by them and that will not be easily forgotten.

With more than 34 natural mineral resources underneath the ground which I stand, we still struggle with basic infrastructural amenities and indefatigable corruption. Interestingly, the total cost of eleven of the world’s most iconic national structures is far less than moneys spent on aimless projects. In far less than half a century with just crude oil, sun light, sand and water, nations with edifices to amaze have emerged from amidst sand dunes, oases and spiting camels. What an indictment to national pride and sensibility; without doubt leadership must be held responsible for this anomaly. But again if good people stay in bed why complain that recalcitrant minds rule the affairs of state?  The lack of knowledge from so called everyday people and religious people have affected the state of the nation in ways we cannot imagine.

I see plenty of rubbish from my balcony of life and I resent the words ‘what a wonderful world’ because it’s not. I see men of honour and some with ecclesiastical nomenclature deviate from divine protocols. Some affiliate with obvious enemies of state who eventually drag their names in the mud as others indulge in partisan politics rather than in the neutrality of clergymen.

Besides the congregants of idiotic philosophies and political obscurantism or the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or the full details of a matter from becoming known is the importation of western cultures. These social apparitions are characterized by adolescent bellicosity and abominable deeds that have lacerated our own cultural sensibility. Without a doubt our concept of national security must be redefined in order to create a healthier social environment and mental equilibrium. One area that has interested me is the concept of esemplasticity.

Without a doubt, the governance of a nation based on true federalism is as important to the survival of a vast nation as water is to fish. Federalism defined simply as a system of government in which entities such as states or provinces share power with a national government is no small feat if the Executive is insensitive or totally estranged from the everyday realities of its citizens.

The proper harmonization of federalism can never be achieved without the compassion and wisdom of leadership or the one in command. Therefore, having an esemplastic leader or someone who has the ability to shape diverse elements or concepts into a unified whole is key to national growth, pride and adoration. A leader not jaundiced or prejudiced by ethnic sentimentality or bound by the chains of a painful past.

Each state harnessing its own natural and human resources, cultural heritage and diversities yet having someone with his team of course bringing all together to form a great nation. The mercantile sagacity of the East merging with the agricultural and intellectual heft of the South and West and blending them with the cattle rearing prowess of the North. Without doubt, it will be the amalgamation of the national cardinals to create a powerhouse known simply as the House of Nigeria. All for one and one for all; only God can make it happen and He will. With the might, numbers and heft of this House and with humility wrapped with nationalistic pride we can call the bluff of any nation and make demands of what we desire to the exaltation of our people.

We may not be a theocratic state but Divinity has made us a bold race and blessed us with abundant natural and human resources; we are not easily broken. These are faithful sayings and worthy of all acceptation and de-void of emotionalism, myth or fables unsubstantiated. In truth, the esemplastic power of a great mind will definitely simplify the lives of the people.

Maybe I have been part of the problem with desperation and youthful exuberance outweighing rationale and empathy. My intelligence created a delusional quest as most times I claim argumentative, sad to say, I caused so much pain. Today in my old age I stand a victim and a villain both I have contemplated but this day I stand a new man regardless of time and events wasted to the pages of history and the lingering remnants of a senseless generation. I find myself now a prisoner of my own conscience yet I keep with me memories from a forgiven history. With gentle irony, I consider myself now a part of the solution if anything, for the sake of a good name which I have been told is better than silver and gold. My days have been far spent and the night of my sleep draws nigh but if Divinity wishes to keep me longer on this land of ours what joy will fill my heart to embrace the greatness that will be the land of my nativity.