The proletariat has, unabatedly, continued to bear the uncomfortable brunt of successive bad leadership that has always been thrust upon this great entity called Nigeria.

Roads are left undone. They would love to use their constructions as a bait to ask for votes. This is how backward my country has been relegated. A former president left office and the paths to his palatial home was said to be dangerously unfit for motoring. Wooden bridges, I heard, were part of the infrastructures that led to his new home. It’s only in my country, Nigeria, and nowhere else, we have been made to understand, that major road rehabilitation gulps as much as a whopping billion naira for every kilometre!

Civil servants are believed to be the worst takers of bribes. Anyone who tries to curb this evil trend, I’m made to believe, will pay with his dear life. The only reason this will continue is simply because the Directors and other high ranking officials are neck deep involved in the nefarious act of illegality. Contractors must dance to corrupt tunes of those in whose custody contract files are kept or else the invocation of their red tape will, no doubt, make the contract documents disappear!

All these Nigerian made ills will disappear the minute my people vote in the right man. A huge percentage, however, of Nigerians have become irredeemably cynical when it comes to the Nigerian leadership. This has engendered a deeply rooted negativism in the individual’s psyche. Nigerians believe there’s an Almighty God, and that’s where our leadership solution lies.

“Let everyone of us pray to God, the Creator, in all sincerity, in individual’s closet,” I tell people who ask me what can be done, who incorrigibly believe the Nigerian venture is wallowing in abject hopelessness.

It’s time to take our collective path of destiny in our able hands. There’s something I can do. There’s certainly something you can do. Get your permanent voter’s card ready. Do not be swayed, like the three years old child, with a few thousands of naira or dollars. You can’t sell four years of corrupt misrule for that much? Can and should you?

The inimical neglect of infrastructural development, surreptitious sale of justice, police pecuniary induced bias, known selfish propensity of the ruling class coupled with the total collapse of the educational sector have etched an indelible fact in the massess’ understanding that the only wise thing left to him or her is to collect the beggarly two or five thousand naira. You can take back your power of citizenship. Exercise your voting strength. Decide to vote very wisely. Look for the right candidates. Most of the extant ruling crop of politicians have no excuses to go for another term.

The roads were not built. Teachers were not paid. Retirees of twenty to forty years of service have not been made to feel like human resourcefulness. The police continue to work in quite dehumanizing, unimaginable circumstances. Lots of agricultural products will reach the point of harvest in four months of three bountiful annual harvests -foodstuffs should be very cheap after three year’s rule. All we need is just one good, fearless, God loving and God fearing leader.

How do we know the leader? Simple. Listen to them (having prayed to God for discernment) with your heart. Do not accept the campaign of those who did not deliver and are asking for another term: they are very likely to embark on a more terrible rape on our economy.

Nigeria is too rich to boast of poor health care, poor educational system, death trap roads and an uncomfortably high number of poor people.

Open your eyes well. Listen to them. Good people still abound. One of them will, by God’s grace take us to the promised land.