Recently, the herdsmen debacle has taken a very frightening dimension, one that is capable of destabilizing the polity. But come to think about it, what is the exact narrative of this growing monster? Governor Nasil  El-Rufai of  Kaduna State, one of the troubled precincts believes that these herdsmen are aggrieved foreigners who take laws into their hands and in his wisdom they deserve to be paid from state recourses for peace to reign.

If this is really the case then no soothsayer is required to foretell the outcome of such exchanges. He might as well establish a Peace Exchange Market and your guess is as good as mine…the higher the threat, the more valuable the quoted stocks of the terrorist businessmen.

President Mohammed Buhari’s point of view was made known to his American counterpart during his much publicized oversee visit as the first African leader to gain access to the White House since the advent of the almighty Trump. He said his Fulani brothers don’t carry guns but occasionally held machetes to cut grasses for their cattle. He is probably right, I just returned from a trip to the Northern path of my country and I saw several herdsmen, we even had to slow down on our way from the airport to allow them cross the road and quite frankly they all fitted into his description of Mr. President.

PMB went on to suggest that the perpetrators of these killings were members of the forces trained and loyal to the late Colonel Gaddafi, former President of Libya, what he did not tell us in that meeting was if he knew the objective of these militia who apparently are able to come through our boarders and embark on long trips into our villages equipped with their unauthorized assault weapons, undetected and unchecked.

If the recent article by Vanguard on the re-naming of lands grabbed from indigenes is anything to go by, one could postulate that these bandits might be looking for land to resettle. If this is the case, then it beggars belief that the president will make reference to them in such context, knowing that several questions will emanate.

The DSS, officials are not left out, their conclusion after investigation is that these are ISIS terrorists who have filtered into our country and are unleashing terror on our citizens, details of their findings cannot be made public for security reasons. Na so we see am.

A school of thought believes that the entire drama is politically motivated and I don’t blame them since most times the contention is really the number of deaths.

All of these postulations seem to make no sense to the indigenes that are massacred in the most gruesome manner, their position is that the enemy is within and with the feeling of disappointment and abandonment; they sometimes carry out reprisal attacks.

In management, the first step in problem solving is articulating the problem itself in the most precise manner possible, why this is a key step in conflict resolution is a no-brainer and requires no further explanation.

If we are to go by the statement of our government, then it is truly puzzling and very difficult to understand how grass importation, defining grazing routes, building colonies and recently land for ranching would solve the problem of external aggression, or are we missing something here?

If these law breakers are not members of our community, then regardless of their nationality, ethnicity and religion, our stance should be a zero tolerance position on their continual stay in our country. And right from the boarders to the inner city and country sides, immigration officers equipped with modern technology and impeccable intelligence should spread their tentacles to trawl and show them the way out; and those culpable of crimes against humanity be made to face the full wrath of the law.

On the other hand if the killers are truly fellow citizens, then justice and only justice will suffice. We cannot treat or be seen to treat matters concerning the security of lives and property of the citizenry with kid’s gloves; it is the first and most important assignment of any government. Should the case be to forgive the trespasses of our brothers, put the past behind us and live as one, then administering the reconciliation must precede justice and ineluctably persuasive.

How can anyone suggest in a way that trespassers should be gifted with lands for ranching without first bringing murderers to book, even against the backdrop of the magnitude of carnage experienced in these localities and the lingering after effect of these man made disasters? Ejikwam ogwu O, ah ah!,  according to Zebrudaya of New Masquerade, who does that?

Not even in ancient pre-historic Nigeria, talk less of the high tech, justice driven universe that we live in today, are we gradually sliding away from reality by creating multiple standards for everything? Like the robber who shot his victim even after dispossessing him of his property, what assurances do this locals have that letting go of their lands will bring peace? And should government be remotely correct about the profile of the perpetrators of these crimes, aren’t we really back to starting line?

These are the questions that ring in my head, causing me and I am sure many others to wonder and I really hope we don’t turn to wonderers. Yes Nigeria belongs to all of us but there are rules of engagement as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The body language of PMB does not inspire confidence in any way to say the least, for a former General with a no-nonsense brand to resort to prayers when we are in dire need of his muscles in dealing with a security situation his size was disappointing.

Finally, when I read an online post of the recent statement ascribed to Chief Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, I dismissed it as fake news, only to read the full story on traditional media, I was shocked! In his words “Ancestral attachment? You can only have ancestral attachment if you are alive if you are talking of ancestral attachment, if you are dead, how does that matter?” Unbelievable! Yeparipa!!   He passed a vote of no confidence on himself and the presidency all in one swoop.

I just wonder what was going through his mind when he made that statement, did he not process it thoroughly? Isn’t he supposed to be a public relations expert?  Whether passively or actively, to threaten anyone with death in order to get them to part with what is rightfully theirs is unjust and unfortunate. This statement and indeed the entire saga warrant that we all hide our heads in shame.